DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES15.66

Authors: Suresh Baral, Kyung Chun Kim


This paper introduces a concept of installing a solar organic Rankine cycle system for generation of electricity in the remote areas of developing countries. The ORC system uses commercial magnetically coupled scroll expander, plate type heat exchangers and plunger type working fluid feed pump. The heat source for the ORC system could be solar energy. A series of laboratory tests have been conducted for confirming the system’s cycle efficiency and expander power output. Using the actual system data, exergy destruction on the system components and exergy efficiency are assessed. Furthermore, results of variations of system energy and exergy efficiencies with different operating parameters such as evaporating and condensing pressures, degree of superheating, dead state temperature, expander inlet temperature and pressure ratio have been illustrated. It is realized that the system exhibits acceptable operational characteristics with good performances over a wide range of conditions. The heat source temperature of 121 °C is expected to deliver the power output of about 1.4 kW. Besides, the system cost analysis and financing mechanisms for installation of the ORC system have been discussed.

Keywords: Energy poverty, Organic Rankine Cycle, Energy efficiency, Developing countries, Solar ORC


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