DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES13.07

Authors: Mr. Swapnil Choure, Mr. Gyanprakash Singh Chouhan


The idea of E(***) refers to a glorious vision of every Global citizen to see World emerges as a pioneer in the field of Energy, Environment, Economy, Education, Employment, Electricity, Ecosystem, Earth management, as well in medical, Transportation & Communication. Decentralization of energy into smaller units and judicial use of renewable sources of energy can pave way for an empowered WORLD. The rapid pace of development has posed a looming threat over the finite energy reserves of earth. India with its ever expanding population is also is also facing the burst of the shortage of the non-Renewable energy Resources.

Keywords: E(***), Alternate Sources of Energy, “Swapnil” Village : Nandia , Bio-gas, Power-house


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