DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.31

Authors: Shambhu Ratan Awasthi, Saroj Rangnekar, Vishnu Prasad, Shiv Vishal Pandey


The paper presents a concept for regulating the release of water from a multi-unit hydroelectric power plant so as to meet the load demand by optimal performance of units. Present research work considers various hydraulic and electrical losses in a hydro power plant and combines the units as per the load demand with minimum requirement of water. The concept is applied to an operational 8x125 MW Indira Sagar hydroelectric power plant in India to estimate enhanced generation by operating units at their maximum turbine efficiency under three conditions i.e. when head is near rated head, below rated head and above rated head.

Keywords: hydro plant operation; generation scheduling; head loss in starts/stops; turbine efficiency; tail race level


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