DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR17.34

Authors: GUO Yingzhi, TAN Huimin, SUN Xiaochaun, XIAO Jiaying

Abstract: Chinese outbound tourism market is prosperous and of huge development potential. A general understanding of the tourists’ needs and precision marketing strategy are important for enterprises to reduce marketing costs and strengthen competitiveness. This paper was based on the theory of customer desired value, and aimed to study the cognition differences between different sexes, different marital status and different age’s residents, thus put forward the corresponding precise marketing strategies. On the basis of the relevant literature review of both Chinese and English, in-depth interview and theory review, the initial questionnaire was designed. And by combining the experts and scholars’ suggestions and brand storming, the final questionnaire was designed. After the entry of 2428 valid questionnaires, SPSS 20.0 software was used to analyze the questionnaire data by one-way ANOVA. The result shows: There were significant cognition differences between respondents of different gender, marital status and age on the travel agency’s lowcost promotion, the airline ticket promotion and the production of new routes. However, there did not exist significant difference on the item “In any case promotion, I will not consider traveling to Japan”. Based on the above results, this paper analyzed the reasons behind it and proposed gender-oriented, consumer loyalty maintained, product promotion targeted, tourism form reformed, young market targeted and silver market targeted precise marketing strategy to provide reference for relevant operators.

Keywords: residents; travel to Japan; segment difference; precise marketing


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