DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR15.12

Authors: Piyavan Sukalakamala, Sophitmanee Sukalakamala, Pattarapong Burusnukul and Pam Young

Abstract: Costs of healthcare in the United States (US) have become increasingly expensive over the years. Americans are seeking other avenues for affordable medical treatments and procedures. A fairly recent consideration is to travel abroad to developing countries where costs of healthcare can be less expensive for people with or without health insurance. The purpose of this study is to investigate Americans’ perspectives on healthcare and their awareness of the concept of medical tourism. Results from this study are to provide valuable information relating to alternative healthcare options. American consumers could benefit from becoming educated about medical tourism prior to making important decisions concerning their own welfare or those of their loved ones.
Keywords: component; Medical Tourism, Healthcare, Americans’ Perspectives


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