DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR1234

Authors: Horng-Huey Pan and Hsin-Wei Fu

Abstract: This paper intends to (1) investigate the extentof the usage of practical learning programs across differentlevel of the curriculum, (2) to establish the fundamentalpurpose of the event business and investigate the extent towhich it remains crucial to tourism education, and (3) to assureand conclude that event business is an essential part of qualitymanagement and enhancement process of tourism education.Students in the Department of Tourism, I-Shou UniversityTaiwan, participated in the event business learning programassured that the program supports their professionalenhancement. The strategic alliance event and tourismbusinesses concluded and proved their ability and trait as well.Correspondingly, several tourism businesses inquire upon theDepartment of Tourism and enquire for students to work astrainees.
Keywords: Event Business; Destination Marketing


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