DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR16.20

Authors: Dilip Kumar Bhadra

Abstract: This paper has focused on some basic Asian outlooks and inherited homogeneous characteristics, especially social & cultural traditions, values, ethnicity and emotions. These are predominant factors for the peoples of Southeast, South and East-Asian countries that have influenced much on decision-making matters in families as well as in societies. These influencing factors are also responsible for expanding tourism markets globally. Indeed, long period colonial exploitation & struggle and gradually social transformation have prepared Asian peoples growing their self-reliance, self-esteem and the economic uplift that have brought to changes more in their lifestyles and freethinking about the world and other societies. Asians’ long economic backwardness, prejudice and dominated anti-ethic values have been disappearing with faster growing of individualism, nationalism and economic development of Asian peoples. All these issues are more or less responsible for changing the outlook of Asian inhabitants and preparing them to be widened more their traveling perceptions about world tourism attractions and different society values. This paper has discussed elaborately on these factors and analysed the impacts on decision-making matters for tourism participation based on study survey results and other documents. Asian societies have been accustomed to modern technology & communication and the present global interactions are influencing them much in the new way of thinking, creating demand for visiting other societies and western world. Present young generations are thirst for sharing knowledge of unseen and unknown values with others. All these factors have some positive roles increasing the number of Asian travelers. This paper also presents a habitual marketing nature and limits of expenditure of Asian travelers.

Keywords: Asian Outlooks; Travel Demands; Expanding Tourism Markets; Cultural Values & Identities; Changing Attitudes for Tourism, Communication & Technological impacts .


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