DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR13.38

Authors: Dr. Parnprae Chaoprayoon and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chalermchai Panyadee

Abstract: The cultural is the social heritage that revealed the social growth in many ways, including the social arts, culture, tradition and folklore, architecture, archaeology and ancient artifact of arts; and all of these were called the “Cultural Attraction” of Chiangrai province which was called “the top North most of the Thailand”. Chiangrai province had a long history as long as 750 years old. Thus, Chiangrai province had various cultural tourism attractions. This research had the objective to make assessment on the cultural tourism potentiality of the Chiangrai province, including the traveling paths and the logistics routes for cultural tourism traveling networks. The method of running the research had been carried out through the usage of the mixed method. The researcher used the checked lists form to evaluated cultural tourism potential site with the cultural management, and the tourism logistics management. According to the research, it was found that 1) The cultural fascination potentiality in Chiangrai province had a variety of styles, for instance, the way of lifestyle of the local people, the cultural attractions such as the Thai handicrafts that had the magnetism to draw tourists and travelers with the difference in administration and the management of the tourism business. 2) The connection of traveling and transportation networks for the development of the cultural attraction route in Chiangrai province could be divided into 2 groups; firstly, the traveling routes within the Chiangrai province; and secondly, the traveling routes amongst the provinces in the Northern part of Thailand and the international traveling routes. These routes could be developed for the purpose of economic encouragement in Chiangrai province and the neighboring provinces for the goal of the cultural attraction sustainable.

Keywords: Cultural attraction, routes, Cultural Tourism Potential site, Cultural management, Tourism logistics management, Chiangrai, Thailand


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