DOI: 10.5176/2382-5685_VETSCI13.38

Authors: Tresamol P.V., Saseendranath M. R. and Vinodkumar K


The present study was carried out to identify Dermatophilus congolensis from bovine dermatitis in Kerala. Skin scabs and scrapings from 100 dermatitis cases were subjected to detailed clinical, bacteriological, mycological, parasitological and molecular studies and dermatophilosis was identified in 82 cases. Molecular confirmation of the isolates was carried out using species specific polymerase chain reaction with primers based on alkaline ceramidase which yielded products of 1029bp. The pathogenicity of the isolates was also proved by experimental inoculation into rabbits.

Keywords: D. congolensis, Cattle, PCR, Pathogenicity


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