DOI: 10.5176/2251-211X_WebTech21

Authors: Chung Yung, Shao-Zong Chen, Shun-Cheng Wu, and Kang-Jhih Peng

Abstract: This paper proposes a web-based model of distributed
software development management in cloud computing
environments, called WebSD. Cloud computing environments
provide more flexibility than conventional computing environments.
For example, platform as a service (PaaS) provides more
flexibility in application design, development testing, deployment,
hosting, team collaboration, web service integration, database
integration, scalability, storage, state management, and versioning.
Although the study in the process of distributed software
development evolves and changes by a lot in the past decade,
there are still some problems remaining unsolved. In this paper
we propose a new scalable model of distributed software development
management that provides more management information
of software development status with respect to the various
roles involved, including project managers, programmers, and
testers. Since the interactions among the roles in the software
development are precisely defined, the proposed model can be
extended into a fully automatic web service in cloud computing


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