DOI: 10.5176/2251-211X_WebTech33

Authors: Mohammed Samaka, John Impagliazzo, Loay Ismail, Khulood Khalil Aldos, Fatima Abdulla Al-Saffar, Nura Shifa Hamed

Abstract: The project presented in this paper involves designing and developing a web-based platform called “Content Management & Delivery Platform” (CMDP) in support of mobile service delivery that integrates with the mobile network of Qatar Telecom (Qtel). The design of the platform meets the current and future needs in content creation and delivery for Qatari businesses and governmental organizations. The CMDP allows aggregation, rendering and delivery of different type of contents, through various types of value-added mobile services. The CMDP will eventually provide a versatile platform to the application service providers and enterprises for managing, storing and distributing their wireless media, images, sounds and streaming video to their existing mobile subscribers.

Keywords: content management system, mobile delivery systems, mobile- based business support system; mobile services, Valuae added services

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