DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_WebTech2011_28

Authors: Nikhil Maheshwari, N.S. Raghava, Vishal Bhargava and Kartik Sain

In the fast growing science and superfast growing IT, many efforts have already been done to make the web accessible. All the work, from submission of bill to product purchase, is possible on internet (E-Commerce) but the major issue preventing it is its lower accessibility. Accessibility of Educated and trained Disabled has taken into accounts and research is going on in that area but web is still a puzzle for uneducated persons, who don’t have disability of any kind.The idea is to introduce Accessibility for Independence (AFI), a framework to implement Language Independence, literacy independence in web applications, web sites and other Information Systems.
Keywords: Language Independence, Literacy Independence,Translation API, Multi-Lingual Web.


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