DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC18.218

Authors: Evangeline P.W. LAM, Linda Y.K. LEE, L. T. CHAN, S. M. CHAN, Y. N. CHAN, S. Y. KO, Y. S. KWOK, H. C. LAM, K. L. LAM, M. K. LEE, P. K. LEE, P. Y. SHI


The aim of the study is to assess the insertion and removal practice of daily disposable soft contact lens (DDSCL) among adult DDSCL users and its associations with their demographic characteristics and lens wearing history. A cross-sectional quantitative descriptive and observational design was adopted. One hundred and ninety subjects were recruited by convenience sampling and they were required to record their usual insertion and removal practice by filming a video at their own convenience. Once the video was produced, a trained researcher arranged a meeting with the subject and rated the subjects’ practice using an observation checklist. Results showed that subjects’ practice was unsatisfactory. Regarding the collected result, male demonstrated significantly better practice in removing DDSCL than female and DDSCL users with multiple purposes (corrective and cosmetic purpose) demonstrated better practice in both insertion and removal of DDSCL than either corrective and cosmetic users.

Keywords: daily disposable soft contact lens, descriptive study, insertion and removal practice, adults


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