DOI: 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD18.126

Authors: Jian Peng1, Fang-Le Peng, Nobuyoshi Yabuki, Tomohiro Fukuda and Jing-Wei Zhao

Abstract:Visualization is important for participation in the urban planning field, in which the importance of urban underground space (UUS) has been widely acknowledged. In recent years many cities throughout the world have attached importance to UUS planning. Nevertheless, the physical characteristics of subsurface are quite different from that of surface, such as spatial legibility, which make the presentation in the charrette more inexplicably. Using visualization methods flexibly seems to be an appropriate resolution strategy. This paper is to analyze how to present UUS with visualization methods in different stages of UUS planning. The urban underground space detailed planning (UUSDP) of Tongren Jinjiang Plaza in China is introduced and analyzed as a case study. The method is to analyze the visualization methods in the planning process and compare their strengths and weaknesses by highlighting the particular characteristics of underground space. In conclusion, the combination for different visualization methods flexibly is key to different stages of UUSDP so as to promote the participation for supporting decision making.

Keywords: visualization method; participation; urban underground space detailed planning (UUSDP); Tongren city


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