DOI: 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.3

Authors: Minakshi Goswami, M.V. Khire

Abstract:Most urban agglomerations of the world are getting to be urbanized with each passing day and human actuated area spread changes are altering the example of area use in urban ranges. India is remaining at a influential place with respect to the measure of its population growth, involving second position among the world nations. All its urban areas are encountering phenomenal population development. Its urban regions are extending more quickly than their rural areas because of both by characteristic increment and by natural urbanization by push pull factor. Study regions for the current research, Bangalore and Ahmadabad are one of the fastest developing urban centers of India. This study goes for to inspect the urban population development of the city since most recent 20 years associated with changing urban area with urban growth. Study is based on secondary data analysis using urban area indices for measuring urban population growth with increasing the urban area. For population growth study statistical analysis has been taken to forecast the future urban population growth.

Keywords: Population Growth, Urban area, urban growth, urbanization


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